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SABIC is one of the world’s top petrochemical enterprises. The company is a global market leader in the production of polyethylene, polypropylene and other advanced thermoplastics, glycol, methanol and fertilizers.

SABIC’s business is divided into four strategic divisions: petrochemicals, specialties, agricultural nutrients and steel. SABIC operates in 50 countries, has more than 64 world-class factories, and has advanced research resources and innovation centers in five key regions: Middle East, USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. The company has more than 34,000 employees worldwide.

SABIC has manufacturing plants worldwide, including Saudi Arabia, the Americas, Europe and the Asia Pacific.

SABIC was founded in 1976 with its headquarters in Riyadh. At that time, the Saudi government decided to use hydrocarbon gases related to its oil production as the main raw material for the production of chemicals, polymers and fertilizers. The Saudi Arabian government holds a 70% stake in SABIC and the remaining 30% is held by private investors in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

Hisun chemical is the primary agent of SABIC's specialty materials division for a range of functional products, from engineered thermoplastic resins and compounds to composite materials, functional surface substrates, and additive manufacturing solutions. The specialty materials division has extensive material processing expertise and a portfolio of products including specialty compounds, thin films and plates, as well as a range of branded products such as copolymerized modified PCS, LNP™ ULTEM™ and NORYL™ products.


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